Moonlight Falters (querying)

On a night dunking his mind into beer bottles, widowed attorney Adam Wesley glimpses his new neighbor's waist-length hair shine like polished silver in the moonlight.  When he meets her the next day, her hair is an ordinary shoulder-length mud brown and she introduces herself as Leah Jones, a photographer searching for her missing brother.

Four days later, men claiming to be descendants of King Solomon reveal her lies and demand her servitude.  The Muslim descendants call her a jinn.  The Christian descendant brands her a demon.  Leah insists that she is merely a teleporter.  Adam thought she was just a nice girl.

Adam’s staid world flips inside out as he helps Leah escape her captors and connects her secrets to his new environmental lawsuit.  He does not expect her to capture his tenuous heart as they race to answer a question at the core of two religions: what is Leah Jones?